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NEW-THERM® system


What is NEW-THERM®

A certified contact insulation system with additional fasteners. All system components are optimally designed for a diffusion system and long service life.
The system is delivered with ARMASIL silicone plaster or NOVALITH silicate plaster in a range of colour options.

The main carrier of thermal resistance is the TPD-PUR 30/40 polyurethane foam insulation boards.

Application of the system:

  •  Inspect the base material (check for flatness, adhesion, moisture content and for debris).
  • Install the system using mounting kits.
  • Glue down TPD-PUR 30/40 boards using NEW-THERM® ST04 or NEW-THERM® ST04/FS adhesive cement.
  • Take a break to allow the adhesive to set up, 2 to 4 days depending on climactic conditions.
  • Sand the façade to ensure a level surface.
  •  Fill gaps using a low-expansion foam up to 3 mm thick.
  • Fasten the adhered boards using anchors, with embedded installation used to eliminate thermal bridges.
  • Install the reinforcement layer, 4 mm thick, with textile VERTEX.
  • Take a break to allow the screed to set up, 2 to 4 days.
  • Apply the penetration agent specifically for the type of plaster to the substrate to prep for the final coat.
  • Apply the final coat of silicone plaster ARMASIL or silicate plaster NOVALITH.





More detailed information for installing our system is provided in the technical manual for installation.


The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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