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Polyurethanes for wood structures

Why NEW-THERM® wood?

This polyurethane board-based system has excellent insulating properties making it the ideal choice for wood structures while delivering improved thermal performance without any significant increase in the overall thickness of the structure itself.


  •  PUR boards deliver high thermal resistance at low thicknesses.
  •  PUR boards are only slightly absorbent (only the surface, which has no impact on board properties once it dries).
  •  PUR boards exhibit high compressive strength.
  •  PUR boards are rodent-resistant.
  •  PUR boards exhibit sound insulation properties of dn 30 - 100 mm, and deliver 17 - 18 dB of noise dampening.


Insulating façades on wood structures

  • inspect the base material (check for flatness, adhesion, moisture content and for debris),
  • apply the NEW-THERM® AM penetration agent to ensure proper bonding to the substrate material,
  • install the system using mounting kits,
  • glue down TPD-PUR 30/40 boards using NEW-THERM® Flexi adhesive cement,
  • take a break to allow the adhesive to set up, 2 to 4 days depending on climactic conditions,
  • sand the façade to ensure a level surface,
  • fill gaps using a low-expansion foam up to 3 mm thick,
  • fasten the adhered boards using anchors, with embedded installation used to eliminate thermal bridges,
  • use NEW-THERM® ST04, NEW-THERM® ST04/FS cement adhesive to install the reinforcement layer, 4 mm thick, with embedded textile,
  • take a break to allow the screed to set up, 2 to 4 days,
  • apply the penetration agent specifically for the type of plaster to the substrate to prep for the final coat,
  • apply the final coat of ARMASIL silicone or NOVALITH silicate plaster.

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Insulating structures
  •  PUR boards are easily adapted and modified to meet the needs of a structure.
  •  PUR boards are easy to cut and trim Use a high expansion foam to fill in any joints or gaps that may appear when installing boards.
  •  PUR boards only compress slightly and there is no compromise in terms of thermal properties.
  •  The PUR product manufacturing process permits boards to be produced in dozens of different dimensions. These dimensions must be agreed upon with the manufacturer.


More detailed information for installing our system is provided in the technical manual installation.




The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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