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Insulating roofs

TPD-PUR 30/40 polyurethane boards are the ideal material for insulating flat and pitched roofs thanks to their unique properties. The boards can be modified to fit the structure. Board dimensions and thicknesses can be modified to meet an investor's specific requirements. Maximum board dimensions are 1200 x 2000 mm. Accessories including roof wedges, corner wedges and more can be delivered during installation.

Why TPD-PUR Roof polyurethane boards?

  • Small thicknesses deliver high thermal resistance.
  • These structures exhibit greater phase shift.
  • The boards feature low absorbency.
  • Dimensionally stable, insulation in the structure does not deform.
  • Boards exhibit high compressive strength.
  • Boards are resistant to high temperatures.

Insulating flat roofs without high loading demands

Lay PUR boards on a flat surface in two layers.
Use fasteners or ballast, or a combination of both, to ensure the stability of the roofing material against wind uplift.
Specification of the number of fasteners and ballast is set by the designer and depends on the part of the roof involved (corner, edge, flat area), the height of the structure, wind zone and type of fastener used.
Waterproofing options for flat roofs include foil systems and asphalt strips so long as the manufacturer's technical procedure is used for their installation.


Spayed insulation

Another option for insulating an attic or flat surfaces is EKOPRODUR sprayed insulation.
This is a two-component polyurethane system for preparing a semi-rigid foam with an open or closed cell structure. The system is spray-applied.

Insulating pitched roofs

This material is suitable for insulating pitched roofs between and underneath the rafters. Boards may be ordered straight from the factory to match the spacing of load-bearing structures. Maximum board dimensions are 1200 x 2000 mm. Boards can be delivered in thicknesses of as little as 1 cm if needed.

Polyurethane boards are a great option for insulating new and existing roofs.
Simply install the individual boards in between the existing rafters to insulate the structure. The board do not compress like mineral wool products and the thickness of the material is consistent across its full cross-section. Cut or trim the boards to achieve the desired fit to match the existing structure. Use PUR foam to fill the gaps between the boards and the structure. PUR foam can even be used to attach the boards to the base material.

Install a vapour barrier using the proper installation procedure for a diffusion enclosed structure on the inside surface and then enclose the structure with plasterboard or OSB boards.


The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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