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Sprayed insulation

Another option for insulating an attic or flat surfaces is EKOPRODUR sprayed insulation. This is a two-component polyurethane system for preparing a semi-rigid foam with an open or closed cell structure. The system is spray-applied.

Why sprayed insulation?

  • Sprayed insulation guarantees a perfect seal, closing cavities in walls and ceilings, providing perfect insulation from cold, heat and noise.
  • Polyurethane does not erode or release any hazardous or harmful substances or particulate matter.
  • Sprayed foam insulation does not settle or shrink over time and holds its shape. Insulation parameters are permanent and unchanging.
  • PUR foams do not contain and CFCs. All products are made of CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Quick application.
  • Insulation of hard-to-access places.


Sprayed insulation can be applied to structures and flat roofs.

Flat roof insulation must have additional protection from the weather and elements. Special materials are supplied to provide this protection. Contact a supplier to ensure your design and use of foam is correct; they can also help you select the right components.

Special equipment designed specifically for polyurethane spray foam systems are used for this purpose; their general operation is as follows: both components are fed into the system, they are warmed and then mixed in the head of the spray gun.

The resulting compound is dispersed in the air towards the surface to be insulated. The foam is applied under pressure. Strictly follow all of the manufacturer's instructions when processing and applying the product.

Applications of specific materials



This foam is specifically intended for spray-applied indoor thermal and sound insulation for roofs, attics, ceilings, walls in wood structures, brick, steel, industrial and public buildings, hangars and commercial spaces.



This foam is specifically intended for spray-applied roof insulation.

This foam is specifically intended for indoor insulation of walls and ceilings that can be applied in low temperature conditions.

This foam is specifically intended for spray-applied wall and ceiling insulation.




spray foam

The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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