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Polyurethane foam is an excellent insulation material for your home. Insulates and absorbs sound. It has excellent resistance to weathering. Low density foam does not affect the building structure. Thanks to its open-cell structure is ideal for the insulation of roofs, attics, ceilings, walls, facades and floors.

It provides a perfect and complete filling of isolated areas, including inaccessible places. It reduces heat losses to a minimum, eliminating condensation in the insulating layer = thermal insulation prevents the degradation of construction parameters, and mold formation

Invariant thermal insulation properties and physical characteristics over the lifetime of the structure. Efficient and convenient way of implementing the thermal insulation. Excellent levels of physical and mechanical properties, high performance in the application of polyurethane foam.

The quickest and most effective way insulation or waterproofing. A simple application techniques seamless finish throughout the entire cross polyurethane foam.

The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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