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 Insulating façades

The NEW-THERM® systém is an outdoor contact thermal insulation system for façades based on hardened polyurethane construction boards to improve the thermal insulation properties of vertical walls in new and existing structures, including wood structures.

The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

   Insulating roofs

We offer modern polyurethane foam, based insulation systems for greater flexibility while delivering very high efficiency and rapid installation times.

Roughly, a 40% improvement in heat phase shift can be achieved over conventional insulation. This prevents overheating in attic spaces. Materials boast excellent performance characteristics (thermal resistance, sound insulation and low water absorption).

  Insulating floors

Efficient and permanent floor insulation must meet a range of specific requirements.

The most important is to provide the best insulation performance at the lowest possible thickness; our thermal insulation system uses up to 50% less space than other insulation systems. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures that effective insulation can be installed in all flooring applications, including those with more demanding requirements.

  Insulating wood

Polyurethane insulation has a broad range of applications in the construction of modern wood structures, and their insulation properties are able to deliver significant improvements in thermal resistance at low thicknesses.

Our insulation keeps you warm during the depths of winter and reliably cooler on the hottest of days. The same structural thicknesses deliver a roughly 45% improvement in the heat transfer coefficient.

Czech certified product
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Why choose NEW-THERM®

The system is a Czech certified product.

Thermal insulation - vapour permeability ensures a healthy indoor climate without elevating moisture levels.

Non-flammable - self-extinguishing, ecologically-sourced polyurethane-based insulation.

Savings over conventional insulation of up to 50% in terms of the thickness of the entire system..

Colour-fastness - Swiss KABE Farben plaster technology.

Improved resistance - to rodents and birds.

What else does NEW-THERM® deliver?

A certified system – to guarantee the correct technical procedure is used during installation.

Trained installation companies – installation is only conducted by manufacturer-certified companies.

Independent insulation calculation – when selecting our system, we will create a custom calculation for your project at no charge.

Technical support – available directly from the manufacturer.

Thermal vision – a thermal vision inspection is included at the
                                 completion of every project.



MORE oBOUT new-therm®

The NEW-THERM® thermal insulation system, based on hardened polyurethane PUR boards.


Superior thermal insulation properties permit a diverse range of insulation applications.
our products are registered in the green savings program




µ ≤ 20
diffusion resistance

λ ≤ 0,022
thermal conductivity

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The system is secured using a combination of adhesive and fasteners, with the former the main anchoring element and the latter an additional element or vice versa.

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